If you are frogging you often need beanie! and your wet weather gear. Its best when wet hence in the colder winter-time in south-west WA.

I am learning heaps about the habits of frogs and below are frogs I have found so far.

Autumn Breeders – in hope for winter rains

  • Bleating Froglet Crinia pseudinsignifera
    • on top boulder rock – in May – not confirmed yet
    • seen Mundaring Nearer to Nature pond – in May
    • Found associated with granite

Bleating Froglet @ Mundaring

Winter Breeders – Soggy & Boggy

  • Slender Tree Frog Litoria adelaidensis
    • Wellard Alcoa Wetland – June after Cold Fronts – calling floating in water among reeds – hard to spot – easy to hear calls
    • Gosnells. John Oakey park – found in bushland on wet nights and amongst reeds along river


  • Squelching Froglet Crinia insignifera
    • Wellard Alcoa Wetland – June after Cold Fronts – call from shallow water or in sodden vegetation – very difficult to spot – easy to hear calls


  • Quacking Frog (almost like duck) Crinia georgiana – shallow water and seeps
    • Boulder Rock – seep breeder – tadpoles develop quickly as water so shallow
    • Lesmurdie Falls – heard on wet early June night – female? Found on path
    • Whistlepipe Gully – seen in late May – rainy night