This is my current (Jan 2020) list of reference material I use for ID research purposes – it’s ever growing!.

7020 Field Companion to Mammals of Australia (2013) edited by Steve Van Dyck, Ian Gynther & Andrew Baker
9781877069253 Mammals of Australia (2007) – 3rd Edition edited by Steve Van Dyck & Ronald Strahan ISBN 9781877069253 – I really want a copy but its currently out of print and no secondhand copies seem to be for sale 😦
The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia The Complete Guide to Finding the Mammals of Australia (2015) by David Andrew
6751 A field guide to the Mammals of Australia (2011) 3rd Edition by Peter Menkhurst & Frank Knight
9781922225313_Num1_Fcover__31668.1477353216.1280.1280 Field Guide to Australian Mammals (2016) by Steve Parish
9781912081677 Australian Geographic Naturalist’s Guide To The Mammals Of Australia (2017) by Peter Rowland & Chris Farrell – I have a Chuditch photo published in this guide!
xtracks-scats-and-other-traces-jpg-pagespeed-ic-yepodkp6l5 Tracks, Scats and Other Traces (2014) Revised Edition by Barbara Triggs
6129 Australian Bats (2008) – 2nd Edition by Sue Churchill
001227 Neville W. Cayley’s What Mammal is that? (1995) by Ronald Strahan
Natural History of Australian Bats A Natural History of Australian Bats: Working the night shift (2012) by Greg Richards, Les Hall &  Steve Parish
action plan aust mammals The action plan for Australian Mammals 2012 (2014) by John Woinarski, Andrew Burbidge & Peter Harrison – lots of information about current range and habitat
 Herps  – Frogs & Reptiles
6500 Reptiles and Frogs in the Bush: Southwestern Australia (2007) Brian Bush, Brad Maryan, Robert Browne-Cooper & David Robinson
6501 Field Guide to Reptiles & Frogs of the Perth Region (2010) 2nd Edition by Brian Bush, Brad Maryan, Robert Browne-Cooper & David Robinson
FieldGuideFrogsEd4_web Field Guide to Frogs of Western Australia (2009) 2nd Edition by M.J. Tyler & P. Doughty
frogcd Frog Calls of Western Australia (CD) Western Australian Muesum
6502 Field Guide to Australian Reptiles (2007) 2nd Edition by Stephen Swanson
6809 Field Guide to the Frogs of Australia (2011) Revised Edition by Michael J Tyler & Frank Knight
7840 Tadpoles and frogs of Australia (2018) Marion Anstis – a reference book that is invaluable especially when ID’ing tadpoles.
7112 The Field Guide to the Birds of Australia (2012) 9th Edition by Graham Pizzey & Frank Knight

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3809 Field Guide to Australian Birds (2004) by Michael Morcombe

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9780987070104 What Bird is That? Neville W. Cayley
birds-of-the-south-west-copy-270x256 Birds of Western Australia by Simon Neville
Dragonflies Interactive Australian Dragonfly Identification Key
Spiders Aranchne Website
spider book A field guide to the Spiders of Australia
General Interest
Australian Wildlife After Dark Australian Wildlife After Dark (2016) Martyn Robinson & Bruce Thomson
7688 A FRAGILE BALANCE: The Extraordinary Story of Australian Marsupials (2016) by Christopher Dickman & Rosmary Woodford Ganf
9780642278616  John Gould’s Extinct and Endangered Mammals of Australia (2014) by Fred Ford