Peramelids (Bandicoots)


In Perth there are a couple of spots where you can see Bandicoots or Quenda as I would prefer to call them.  Bandicoots is a European name meaning ‘pig-footed rat’ – Quenda is one of the Aboriginal names which is much better.  They can be mistaken for rats but their nose is much enlongated, they have a sloped body profile, have a shorter tail and are a much cuter, native marsupial!


  • Victoria Gardens, East Perth – so close to the city!
  • Lesmurdie Falls picnic area

They can be fairly common in the Perth Hills – one spot is the Lesmurdie Falls picnic area just down from the main carpark – see my blog –  mostly seen just before sunset and they seem pretty calm – best not to feed them like my son tried to!


  • Piney Lakes

One of my recent finds is Piney Lakes – I saw Quenda feeding during the day there and will a little skittish – if you approach with care you can get good views.  I went a second time and didn’t see a single one – so might be not such a good spot.


Quenda @ Piney Lakes

  • Murdoch University

The another place they can be seen is within the grounds of Murdoch University – around many of the buildings.  Can be best to try out of term time when there are less students and a tip I have been given is near the cafeteria.

More spots to come as I discover them!  I also need to do additional research on what other Peramelids can be found in the Perth region.  I saw an Eastern Long-nosed Bandicoot here in Sydney.