Bettongs (Woylies & Burrowing Bettongs)

Information on where to find them around the Perth region


Woylie (Bettongia penicillata)

The best place for wild Woylies is Dryandra – found by spotlighting at night-time but the best location is in the old Sandalwood plantations – see blog for location advice.  They can be very timid so careful approach is needed – often photos are just of them fleeing like below!

Captive populations can also be seen at Karakamia (AWC managed) who run public spotlighting tours, Whiteman Park also have spotlighting tours and also Barna mia – which has a number of rare species in an enclosure.

Woylie @ Dryandra

Burrowing bettongs (Bettongia lesueur)

No local spots where they can be found wild – though they can be seen at Barna mia.