Bushwalking at Lesmurdie Falls with my son

Last week I had a day off work and a few days before my 2.5 yr old son Liam had asked to go bushwalking.

My friend had given me some tips that Quenda could be seen around the picnic area just down from the Lesmurdie Falls Carpark.

Liam and I had a really nice bushwalk enjoying the views to Perth & waterfall and throwing stones stones into the “riber”.


We spotted a red-eared firetail which Liam though was very cool name – he likes all things with fire – as he likes to put them out – just like Fireman Sam!


We had a picnic and then heard some people exclaiming “Dassie” – they were South Africans and had spotted a Quenda (formerly know as a Southern Brown Bandicoot) – Dassie is a little mammal that might superficially look similar.  In true Liam style he tried to feed it some of his cracker but the Quenda kept leaping about just keeping out of his reach!  Once he threw it a small piece it dashed off to munch it in a bush.  It seems pretty acclimatised to people.



All in all a lovely walk with some really nice wildlife sightings… though I missed all those snakes Liam said he saw! 🙂

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