More urban possum hunting – now in Langford!

After a couple of evenings spotting possums in Gosnells – blog entry here & here – I wanted to try another spot along the Canning River heading closer into the CBD of Perth.  My brother lives near to Hestor Park, Langford just off Spencer Rd not far from the corner of Nicholson and he was happy to come along with me.

I have never been into Hestor Park but its a pretty large area with swampy regions, cut grass regions and trees backing onto the river – there are also houses on the other side of the river straight onto the bank.

We walked for 15-20 mins thinking the night was a bust – I spotted one cat unsure if a roaming pet or feral and a possible frog on the other bank of the river.  We then spotted a really timid possum that dashed for a hole in a tree – I not seen one so scared at Gosnells.  Anyway we continued and started to see more.

All up we saw about 8 possums – so good to see they are further along the river – now I want to try in Wilson and possible Bannister Creek!

We also saw this little lass protecting her eggs!


A good night with success and possibility of other sights!

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