Bremer Bay Trip and Roadkill

Over the Christmas break my son and I went to Bremer Bay camping for 4 nights.  We had a great time and I hoped to get out spotlighting but only managed to take a whole lot of young kids out – but we had a lot of fun doing it and found mainly spiders.  No possums as hoped – though my son said he saw plenty 🙂 and it started raining at the end of our walk.


We did about 1000kms over the week and I saw lots of roadkill.  As a matter of interest I did a rough tally of what I saw:

  • Foxes 6+
  • Roos 4-5
  • Rabbits
  • Snakes – this Dugite was seen in Bremer Bay


  • bobtails – I managed to shoo a live one off the road hopefully to live another day
  • various birds

Wildlife takes a beating on the roads…

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