More backyard herps!

I have been doing a little gardening in the backyard and yesterday found another species of reptile in our garden!  I am really sure it is a Sand-plain Worm Lizard – not a snake but a legless lizard.  I just saw the tail and end of the body as it disappeared into the sand – it was grey colour with quite a thick body and blunt tail – it wasnt a worm.  I didn’t get a photo but here is one that Brian Bush took – source is from his website – Snakes Harmful and Harmless.

Southwest Yellow-throuted Worm Lizard @ Mundaring

Sand-plain worm lizard by Brian Bush

I also found 2 two-toed mulch skinks – so now I know there was at least one in the garden before I translocated one – see my other blog!

On another note I met Brian Bush a week or so ago – I had been trying to get a copy of one of his out of print field guides and found he had a copy for sale and I went to his house to pick it up.  He is a real character with such a wealth of knowledge – he had a specimen of blind snake caught at Lake Cronin that he was taking to the museum as he thought it was new to science!

So anyway thats 4 species of reptile for my suburban garden that is mostly grass!  I am quite pleased – I still don’t have a photo of the fence lizard or Buchanan’s snake-eyed skink but here is a couple I have taken from other places.

And for the final herps for today – I saw 5 oblong turtles in the lake next to my friends house.  They get fed so visit from time to time – my son thought they were awesome.

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