Urban Possums – Gosnells visit number 4!

I had promised to take my niece and nephew possum watching in the school holidays and just realised there was only a week left!

My sister-in-law, niece and nephew came out on a warm sunday evening to John Okey Park, Gosnells.  It took us a little while to see our first common brushtail possum but tonight we saw a couple on the ground which I had seen on my previous 3 trips – here, here & here.

I was trying out a new accessory for my flash called a better beamer – essentially it is a flash extender that allows me to use my 150-600mm lens.  Pretty unwieldy but allows for much closer up shots than the 100mm macro lens I had been using before.

We had a great night seeing all up approx 6-7 possums – fewer than my previous trips but it was much warmer than any time before.  Maybe they come out later on?

We saw this amazing spider on the walkway over the river.

And then finished off the night with my niece spotting this awesome juvenile possum.  I am sure this is one of the latest generations – last time I came there were lots of babies with mums.

Juvenile common brushtail possum @ Gosnells

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