2nd Blogiversary

I checked recently and its been just over 2 years since I started this blog and this is my 49th!

I started with my first ever sighting of a wanbenger or Brush-tailed phascogale (Phascogale tapoatafa).


Brush-tailed phascogale @ Mundaring

A year ago I shared my first blog anniversary post and I feel its been a pretty good past year as well – with more family involvement which is wonderful.  Liam, my 4 year old son, has joined me on a number of my adventures and also my beautiful wife Mel.  My daughter is now 19 months old – so she must be getting close to her first possum hunt and has come on many family bushwalks.

These were my target species from my first anniversary blog – 3 out of 5 now seen – not bad.

  • Numbat – seen my bucket list animal!
  • Red-tailed phascogale – photo evidence now
  • Mardo (yellow-footed antechinus) – need to do more research – some people see at Dryandra often
  • Rakali (water rat) – haven’t had a chance but heard of sighting at Lake Goollelal – so will have to try there.
  • Tammar wallaby – saw in Tutanning – still not been able to find a way onto Garden Is at night.

I have seen quite a few new species this past year but the highlight has to be my first numbat and maybe second a great viewing of a red-tailed phascogale that allowed me to take photos.

This next year I have a few new species on the list and a couple from last year still.

  • Blue whale – I have a Blue whale trip planned that was meant to be a few weeks ago but there were boat troubles with the commercial tour operator – hopefully I will be able to reschedule soon.
  • Mainland Quokka – I have also been researching mainland quokka sites that are not that far from Perth.
  • Pygmy possum – I have information of a location at a certain time – so hopefully come November
  • Mardo – carry over from last year
  • Rakali – carry over from last year
  • Honey possum – still not seen one – might need to go for a trip to Cheynes Beach.

I am also hoping to find a few more frog species – looks like I have now seen all the 5 local burrowing Heleioporus species – with the Hooting frog (H. barycragus) a couple of weeks ago and I have had confirmation that the unknown frog we found at Tutanning is like a sand frog (H. psammophilus).



2 thoughts on “2nd Blogiversary

  1. Congratulations Ry on your 2nd Blogiversary !! :)) I’m also learning new things too .. a “wambenger”? Never too old to learn :))

    Liked by 1 person

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